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One of the most common types of frequent and disabling headaches is the migraine. Migraines may affect over 12 percent of the US adult population. They are the most common cause of recurring, disabling headaches and the number-one reason why patients see a neurologist.

Child development is the process by which children go through changes in skills development during predictable time periods, called developmental milestones. Developmental delay occurs when children have not reached these milestones by the expected time period.

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Dr. Brizuela

Yelp - Kristina C.

He is the absolute best. In a mere 20 mins of his time, he was able to diagnose me and change the quality of my life. I had been given so many misdiagnosis of multiple conditions and he was able to take an unreasonable amount info from me and tie it all into one, correct condition. He thoroughly explained all the treatment and medication options to me, as well as side effects, to help me make a decision. He sat down and drew out the medications for me with his explanation. Never in my life has a doctor listened, taught, and cared so well. He is the best doctor I have ever come into contact with in my life, bare none, because he cares. He went as far as listening to me detail all my health issues and manifestations for an hour. He did a complete, thorough neurologic assessment, and took his time. He ordered complete tests and labs to confirm his diagnosis and rule out other possibilities. He treats, cares, and diagnoses incredibly. I have referred everyone I know with neurologic issues to him and will continue to do so.

If you struggle with migraines, he will give you your life back without the pain and debilitation.

When changing insurances I got a notice from my new insurance company that they do not cover my brand of medication. Within 2 days of contacting his office, I received communications from my insurance company that after speaking with him, they will be covering my medication up indefinitely. This medication changed the quality of my life, giving me my life back, so I was thoroughly impressed and thankful. When I needed an MRI, I was placed in an open MRI (anxiety) within 2 weeks. If you’ve ever needed labs, imaging, and authorizations through insurance companies and HMOs, you know how amazing this is. I’ve never seen a doctors office process paperwork and authorizations so quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Cheng

Yelp - David C.

My families were seen by Dr. Cheng. My families need urgent care from a neurologist, and he is the best neurologist. Dr. Cheng is faculty staff of West Coat Neurology.
  • 1) Knowledgable
  • 2) experienced
  • 3) patientt
  • 4) well credentialing, Board certified
  • 5) local reputable
  • 6) efficiency. On time
  • 7) cooperative
  • 8) quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • 9) excellent team work
  • 10) very friendly and helpful front desk

We highly recommend without reservation

Must see. You won’t regret.

Dr. Barton

Yelp - Douglas B.

Dr. Barton has that perfect balance of professionalism and personal empathy. He makes an effort to be medically specific and detailed while also being relatable and very easy to talk to.

I had a bad concussion and was having cognitive difficulties. Dr. Barton explained what was going on in terms appropriate for my understanding and patiently answered all of my questions. I ended up with a much better understanding of my brain and what was going on.

Overall, an excellent experience with him and his staff during and after my tests and evaluations.

I highly recommend Dr. Barton. If I were ever to have trouble that required the services of a neurologist, he’d be at the top of my list.

Dr. Querubin

Yelp - Gareth A.

Listen, there is not a better office around. Our daughter had seen more than her fair share of doctors to help with her recently diagnosed epilepsy. Let me reiterate – there is not a better office around. Dr. Barton initially helped and now Dr. Querubin (Dr. Q) is maintaining the highest level of care that we have come to expect and demand out of the doctors we chose. The amount of time the doctors spend with us when we come for an appointment and the knowledge and expertise with helping control the epilepsy has been far and beyond better than everywhere else.

It doesn’t hurt that Jessica who runs the front office is just as compassionate about helping and working with us to squeeze us in for last minute appointments and is always willing to do her best to work with us to accommodate in any way she can. Often times a medical office has either a great doctor OR a great office – rarely are we able to find an office with both at the same time. This office nails it.

My daughter hasn’t had a seizure in the 18 months we’ve been patients here. If the glowing review doesn’t help you, the results should. Obviously results are different from patient to patient, but the care and combination of medications has worked for my daughter.

Why are you still reading this? Make an appointment and start on the path to getting better already.