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Athletic Commission Approved Medical Clearance Examination West Coast Neurology is a one-stop shop for boxers and fighters looking to get medically cleared, no matter where they’re planning to […]

Seizures & Epilepsy State-Of-The-Art Treatment For Seizures Patients often ask us about seizures. Seizures or convulsions occur when abnormal signals from the brain change the way […]

ADD/ADHD Help for ADD/ADHD Our neurologists take a holistic approach to treating patients with ADD/ADHD.  And, while pharmaceuticals may be needed to treat patients with ADD/ADHD, […]

Vertigo & Dizziness Vertigo treatment & dizziness causes As many as one in ten people have experienced dizziness, vertigo or loss of balance. As we age, […]

Brain Injury & Concussion Advanced care for brain injuries & concussions Sports participation has created a major concern about concussions, concussion symptoms and concussion treatment. Blows […]

Pinched Nerves/Sciatica Pain Effective treatments With so many possible causes and so many available treatments, only an accurate diagnosis of sciatica can lead to effective treatment. […]

Cerebral Palsy Advanced care for cerebral palsy in Pasadena Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement and motor skills (the ability to […]

Brain Injury & Concussion Advanced care for brain injuries & concussions While people of all ages can experience tics and movement disorders, these conditions are most […]

Advanced care for Parkinson’s disease Advanced care for Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people. Most people’s […]

One of the most common types of frequent and disabling headaches is the migraine. Migraines may affect over 12 percent of the US adult population. They are the most common cause of recurring, disabling headaches and the number-one reason why patients see a neurologist.

Child development is the process by which children go through changes in skills development during predictable time periods, called developmental milestones. Developmental delay occurs when children have not reached these milestones by the expected time period.

Neuropathy Advanced neuropathic care & treatment Neuropathy is a chronic disease of the nerves that results from degeneration, inflammation or infection. This condition is characterized by […]

Pediatric & Adult / Comprehensive Sleep Center West Coast Neurology is the preeminent provider of comprehensive sleep medicine in Los Angeles County. We are consistently affirmed […]