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Comprehensive Athletic Medical Clearance Athletic Commission Approved Medical Clearance Examination West Coast Neurology is a one-stop shop for boxers and fighters looking to get medically cleared, […]

Seizures & Epilepsy State-Of-The-Art Treatment For Seizures Patients often ask us about seizures. Seizures or convulsions occur when abnormal signals from the brain change the way […]

ADD/ADHD Help for ADD/ADHD Our neurologists take a holistic approach to treating patients with ADD/ADHD.  And, while pharmaceuticals may be needed to treat patients with ADD/ADHD, […]

Vertigo & Dizziness Vertigo treatment & dizziness causes As many as one in ten people have experienced dizziness, vertigo or loss of balance. As we age, […]

Brain Injury & Concussion Advanced care for brain injuries & concussions Sports participation has created a major concern about concussions, concussion symptoms and concussion treatment. Blows […]

Pinched Nerves/Sciatica Pain Effective treatments With so many possible causes and so many available treatments, only an accurate diagnosis of sciatica can lead to effective treatment. […]

Cerebral Palsy Advanced care for cerebral palsy in Pasadena Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement and motor skills (the ability to […]

Brain Injury & Concussion Advanced care for brain injuries & concussions While people of all ages can experience tics and movement disorders, these conditions are most […]

Advanced care for Parkinson’s disease Advanced care for Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people. Most people’s […]

Migraines & Headaches State-of-the-art treatment for migraine relief One of the most common types of frequent and disabling headaches is the migraine. Migraines may affect over […]

Developmental Delays Treating developmental delays in Pasadena Child development is the process by which children go through changes in skills development during predictable time periods, called developmental […]

Neuropathy Advanced neuropathic care & treatment Neuropathy is a chronic disease of the nerves that results from degeneration, inflammation or infection. This condition is characterized by […]

Pediatric & Adult / Comprehensive Sleep Center West Coast Neurology is the preeminent provider of comprehensive sleep medicine in Los Angeles County. We are consistently affirmed […]

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