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Matt Tandy has been with the team since the conception of West Coast Neurology. Before he began at West Coast Neurology, he had managed and completely transformed another neurology center in Arcadia, California. Matt is an alumnus of Occidental College where he received his bachelor’s degree in economics. He is a big proponent of introducing lean six sigma to the medical field. His main area of expertise is his use of analytics to show payer inconsistencies, and wait time analysis in order to reduce the wait time for a patient and increase their one on one time with their physician. On a personal note, Matt has been to 5 continents, loves adventuring and big cats. 

West Coast Neurology is the premier center for neurology and neurophysiology. When you need compassionate, patient-focused care, put your trust in Dr. Edward G. Barton. Schedule a one-on-one consultation at (626) 598-3770. For your convenience, you can fill out our online Request an Appointment form. Our support staff welcomes Arcadia, Pasadena, San Marino and South Pasadena in the San Gabriel Valley, Glendale and nearby locations.